North Rehoboth Real Estate

Looking for Real Estate in North Rehoboth area? Maggio Shields has a fabulous portfolio of waterfront and beachside properties for sale ranging from modern condos and townhouses to charming single family homes and luxurious mansions with up to 12 bedrooms.  With your choice of lake or ocean views, North Rehoboth is an excellent location in which to purchase your new beach property.

Also known as the Pines for the many pine trees that canopy the few blocks in this upscale neighborhood, North Rehoboth is designated by Virginia Avenue North to the Town of Henlopen Acres. Historic cottages and beachfront traditional homes on larger than standard town lots are just some of the hallmark features of this neighborhood.

North Rehoboth Homes for Sale

Bustling with vacationers during the summer months, this beachside community enjoys calmer times during the fall and winter making it the ideal location for a vacation rental property or family holiday home. Take a look at our homes for sale in North Rehoboth and let us know how we can further assist you with your Delaware property search.